Brexit is bad for business

Uncertainty is killing confidence and investment

We’ve gone from the top of the G7 to near the bottom - and we haven’t even left the EU.

A divorce deal isn’t the end of the process

Uncertainty about our future trading arrangements will drag on for years. This will further crush confidence and investment. That will be bad for enterprises and working people.

Loss of trade with EU will make us poorer

We will lose access to our biggest market, we will lose foreign direct investment as we will no longer be the gateway to Europe and we will struggle to copy trade deals the EU has with 60 other countries.

57% of businesses want a People's Vote

The government will struggle to get a deal it can sell to Parliament. The only sensible choice will then be to ask the public whether they still want Brexit.

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Dozens of business leaders have already signed our letter and joined the campaign, including the former Chair of Marks & Spencer, the boss of Unipart and the founder of - as well as many entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Lobby your MP

One of the most effective things you can do is contact your MP and tell them you expect them to back a People’s Vote when the issue comes to Parliament at the end of the Brexit talks. It would be best to visit them in person, but you can also write them a letter. You can find who your MP is here. For help over how best to approach your MP, contact

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For overall support on the Business for a People’s Vote campaign, contact Georgia Law at

For press, contact James Pritchard at or 07704 100031.

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